Norstar T7316E phones

Nortel T7316e  NT8B27 T-Series business phone is a full-featured, expandable, multi-line telephone that has a two-line, 16-character-per-line display that is menu driven and supported by three context-sensitive soft keys.

The Nortel T7316e has a flip up display and can be wall mounted by reversing the stand on the back of the Nortel T7316e. The T7316E telephone is designed for high call volume positions requiring access to extensive system features.

  • 2 line by 16 character LCD display
  • Built in Speakerphone
  • 3 LCD soft menu keys
  • 16 programmable keys with LCD indicators
  • 8 Programmable keys without LCD indicators
  • Message indicator in upper left corner
  • volume control
  • Fixed Feature keys- Release, Hold, Mute (mic and sound), and Headset Toggle

This phone is also known as:  T7316E, NT8B27, NT8B27JA, NT8B27JAAA, NT8B27JAAH, NT8B27JAAB, NT8B27JAAK. It is available in charcoal or platinum colors.