Avaya IP500 Analog Trunk 4 Daughter Card 700417405

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Avaya IP500 Analog Trunk 4 Daughter Card 700417405


Connects to IP500 base card - When connected to IP500 base card, it provides 4 loop-start analog trunk ports
Also provides DTMF, caller ID (ICLID), busy tone detection
Adjustable echo cancellation - Selectable to Off, 8, 16, 32, 64, and 128 milliseconds
Power Failure Transfer - When fitted to an IP500 analog phone base card. During power failure, the first extension port (port 1) is connected to the first analog trunk (port 9)
Maximum - 4 per IP500 control unit
One Year Warranty
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Compatible with IP500 digital station, analog station, and VCM base cards

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