Nortel Norstar Feature Codes!

Norstar Feature Codes

FEATURE * 0 Button Inquiry (identify unmarked buttons)
FEATURE * 1 Program External Autodial onto a Memory Button
FEATURE * 2 Program Internal Autodial onto a Memory Button
FEATURE * 3 Program a Feature to a Memory Button
FEATURE * 4 Program Personal Speed Dial
FEATURE * 501 English Language (LCD Display)
FEATURE * 502 Alternate Language #1 (French)
FEATURE * 503 Alternate Language #2 (Spanish)
FEATURE * 6 Ring Type
FEATURE * 7 Display Contrast Adjustment
FEATURE * 80 Ring Volume Adjustment
FEATURE * 81 Move Lines
FEATURE * 82 Dialing Mode
FEATURE * 84 Call Log
FEATURE * 85 Assign Call Log Password
FEATURE * 89 Release
FEATURE * 9 Store Breakpoint on One Memory Button

Features without the * can be programmed into a button using Feature * 3

FEATURE 0 Speed Dial
FEATURE 1 Send Message                (to cancel press Feature # 1)
FEATURE 2 Ring Again                      (to cancel press Feature # 2)
FEATURE 3 Conference
FEATURE 4 Call Forward to Extension (to cancel press Feature # 4)
FEATURE 5 Last Number Re-dial
FEATURE 60 Page General
FEATURE 61 Page to Internal Page Zone
FEATURE 62 Page External
FEATURE 63 Page to a Page Zone and External Page
FEATURE 64 Line Pool Access (can program a linepool to a button)
FEATURE 65 Reply to Message     (to cancel press Feature # 65)
FEATURE 66 Voice Call (to Page an extension)
FEATURE 67 Save Number Redial
FEATURE 68 Class of Service
FEATURE 69 Priority Call
FEATURE 70 Transfer
FEATURE 71 Link (Flash)
FEATURE 72 Timed Release
FEATURE 74 Call Park
FEATURE 75 Call Pickup
FEATURE 76 Directed Pickup
FEATURE 77 Call Duration Timer
FEATURE 78 Pause (insert 1.5 sec delay)
FEATURE 79 Exclusive Hold
FEATURE 82 Call Camp (Camp On)
FEATURE 83 Privacy on Lines
FEATURE 84 Line Re-direction (External)
FEATURE 85 Do Not Disturb (DND)            (to cancel press Feature # 85)
FEATURE 86 Background Music (key click)    (to cancel press Feature # 86)
FEATURE 87 Night Service                (to cancel press Feature # 87)
FEATURE 88 Voice Call Deny            (to cancel press Feature # 88)
FEATURE 800 Trunk Answer
FEATURE 801 Voice Queuing
FEATURE 802 Group Listen
FEATURE 803 Check Time & Date during a call
FEATURE 805 Station Set Test
FEATURE 806 Static Time & Date
FEATURE 808 Long Tones (DTMF)
FEATURE 811 Called ID info
FEATURE 812 View Call Log
FEATURE 813 Manual Call Log
FEATURE 819 Outgoing Name and Number Blocking
FEATURE 870 View Active Services
FEATURE 871 Ringing Service
FEATURE 872 Restriction Service
FEATURE 873 Routing Service
FEATURE # code Cancels a Feature

Voice Mail Feature Codes

FEATURE 980 To Leave a Message in Another Mail Box
FEATURE 981 To Open your Mail Box (Default Password: 0 0 0 0)
FEATURE 982 Operator Status
FEATURE 983 Enter System Administration (password required)
FEATURE 985 Identify the Extension Number Voice Mail is using
FEATURE 986 To Transfer a Call to Another Mail Box
FEATURE 987 To Interrupt a Caller in your Mail Box
FEATURE 988 Busy Mode
FEATURE 989 Queue Status or Record a call
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Norstar Feature Codes PDF
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