Norstar T7316E Phone by Nortel
The Norstarl T7316E phone is a professional level, multi-line, telephone equipped with a two-line display. It's specifically designed for the high-call-volume user, who typically requires a maximum amount of interactive information and a programmable set of buttons. Ideal users include managers, executives, other professionals, and office administrators. Up to 10 lines 24 programmable memory buttons (16 with LCD indicator), plus integrated busy lamp field 2-line, 16 character-per-line LCD window with 3 soft keys Tilt display with integrated visual ring/message waiting indicator. Compatible with Norstar and Business Communication Manager BCM systems.

Part Numbers related to this Telephone Set: T7316, T7316E, 7316, NT8B, NT8B27, NT8B27JA, NT8B27JAAA, NT8B27JAAH, NT8B27JAAB, NT8B27JAAK
A0993448 N0074339 NT8B27JAAAE6 NT8B27JABW NT8B27JAMA
NT8B27JAMAE6 N0199076

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