Nortel Norstar M7100 Phone NT8B14xx
Nortel Norstar M7100 Phone NT8B14xx

The Norstar M7100 telephone is intended to be a very cost effective choice for low call volume areas; a good choice for lobbies or breakrooms. It has a single button only, and therefore can handle only a single outgoing line. This refurbished phone comes complete with wall mount base, line cord, handset cord, manual, quick reference features insert, and button pack.

Part Numbers related to this Telephone Set:
M7100, NT8B14AA-03 NT8B14AA-23 NT8B14AA-35 NT8B14AA-93
NT8B14AD-03 NT8B14AD-35 NT8B14AD-93
NT8B14AD03 NT8B14AD35 NT8B14AD93
NT8B14BB03, NT8B14BB35, NT8B14BB93

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