Avaya 2410 Digital IP Phone 700381999 700306483
Avaya 2410 Digital IP Phone 700306483 700381999

Avaya 2410 Features

Multi-line digital telephone
5 line x 29 character display
No paper button labels - all buttons are labeled on the display
12 system call appearance/feature buttons
Provides automated call tracking with 48-entry call log
Provides access to 48 speed-dial numbers
Can be maintained with most current enhancements through downloadable firmware


The Avaya 2410 Digital Telephone is compatible with Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya IP Office.
IP Office - Requires available DS port on IP Small Office, IP403, IP406 V2, IP500 w/DS8 or Digital Station 16/30.
Avaya Communication Manager - Requires available DCP port on TN2181, TN2224 series circuit pack or available DCP port on MM312, MM712, or MM717 DCP media module.

<a href=http://www.phonesonus.com/product-downloads/2410qrg.pdf target=_blank>2410 IP Phone Quick Reference Guide</a>

Condition: Refurbished