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NORTEL NORSTAR MERIDIAN DESI SHEETS SALE PRICES        Call us for a Quote 615-781-2443
Image Part Number Product Code Description Sale Price Order
QSU60DS QSU60DS QSU60 SL-1 Designation Sheet (Pkg. 100) $35.00
QSU61DS QSU61DS QSU61 SL-1 Designation Sheet (Pkg. 100) $35.00
M2000DS M2000DS M2000 Designation Sheets (Pkg. 50) $47.50
QCW3DS QCW3DS QCW3 Designation Sheet (Pkg. 100) $35.00
QCW4DS QCW4DS QCW4 Designation Sheet (Pkg. 100) $35.00
M2009FM M2009FM M2009 Feature Mat (Pkg. 50) $25.00
M2216DS M2216DS M2216 Designation Sheet (Pkg. 50) $47.50
M1250DS M1250DS M1250 Designation Sheets (Pkg. 50) $75.00
M2250DS M2250DS M2250 Designation Sheets (Pkg. 50) $75.00
M1109DM M1109DM M1109 QSU71 Directory Mat (Pkg. 50) $75.00
M7000DS M7000DS M7000 Nortel Norstar Desi Sheet (Pkg.50) $47.50
M7000QFM M7000QFM Norstar M7000 Quick Feature Mat (Pkg. 50) $35.00
T7208DS T7208DS Norstar T7208 Desi Sheet (Pkg. 50) $47.50
T7316DS T7316DS Norstar T7316 Desi Sheet (Pkg. 50) $47.50
M5000DS M5000DS Nortel M5000 Desi Sheet (Pkg. 50) $35.00
M5212DS M5212DS Nortel M5212 Desi Sheet (Pkg. 50) $35.00
M5216DS M5216DS Nortel M5216 Desi Sheet (Pkg. 50) $35.00
M518IM M518IM Nortel M518 Information Mat (Pkg. 50) $35.00
M8000DS M8000DS Nortel M8000 Desi Sheet (Pkg. 50) $47.50
M9000DS M9000DS Nortel M9000 Desi Sheet (Pkg. 50) $47.50
M8001DM M8001DM Nortel M8001 Directory Mat (Pkg. 50) $35.00
M8003DM M8003DM Nortel M8003 Directory Mat (Pkg. 50) $35.00
M8004DSUG M8004DSUG M8004 Desi Sheet User Guide (Pkg. 50) $47.50
M3901TS M3901TS M3901 Telephone No. Sticker (2/Pak) $2.50
M3902TS M3902TS M3902 Telephone No. Sticker (2/Pak) $2.50
M3903TS M3903TS M3903 Telephone No. Sticker (2/Pak) $2.50
M3904TS M3904TS M3904 Telephone No. Sticker (2/Pak) $2.50
M3905TS M3905TS M3905 Telephone No. Sticker (2/Pak) $2.50
M1109DS M1109DS M1109 SL-1 Desi Sheet (Pkg. of 100) $35.00

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