Norstar Modular ICS, Compact ICS, Norstar Key System, 0x32, 0x16, 12x0, Station Module, Trunk Module, 616, 824

Nortel Norstar Meridian M7324 M7310 T7316E T7208
NORSTAR KEY SYSTEMS SALE PRICES        Call us for a Quote 615-781-2443
Image Part Number Product Code Description Sale Price Order
NTBB51CA-93 A0650007 NTBB51CA-93 Norstar Analog Station Module $395.00
NTBB41FB-93 A0404144 NTBB41FB-93 Fiber Station Module $300.00
Norstar Fiber Station module A0404144 NTBB41FB Norstar NTBB41FB Fiber Station Module $300.00
NTBB20FB-93 A0405788 NTBB20FB-93 Fiber Trunk Module $300.00
Norstar Fiber Trunk Module A0405788 NTBB20FB Norstar NTBB20FB Fiber Trunk Module $300.00
Norstar CICS KSU phone system A0652667 NT7B58AA Norstar Compact ICS Phone System $600.00
Norstar MICS 0x32 phone system A0404134 NT7B53FA Norstar Modular ICS Phone System 0x32 $750.00
Norstar Copper Station Module 16 port A0338808 NT5B50FA Norstar Copper Station Module 16 port 0x16 $150.00
Nortel Norstar Copper Trunk Module A0338798 NT5B32FA M0X12 Norstar Copper Trunk Module $75.00
M8x24-DS Phone System A0365885 NT5B20FC Norstar M8X24 DS KSU w/DR5 Software $600.00
Norstar 3x8 KSU Phone system NT5B05DQ NT5B05DQ Norstar NT5B05DQ-93 3X8 DR5.1 Phone System $450.00
Norstar 3x8 KSU Phone system A0365469 NT5B05DA Norstar NT5B05DA-93 3X8 Phone System $375.00
Norstar 616 KSU Phone system A0328173 NT5B01 Norstar NT5B01-93 6X16 Phone System $450.00

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