Norstar cards for Modular ICS, Compact ICS, Norstar Key System, 0x32, 824, CLID caller ID cards, Loop start

Nortel Norstar Meridian M7324 M7310 T7316E T7208
NORSTAR PHONE SYSTEM CARDS SALE PRICES        Call us for a Quote 615-781-2443
Image Part Number Product Code Description Sale Price Order
NTBB25GA-93 A0632426 NTBB25GA-93 Combination Fiber 6-port Services Cartridge $600.00
Norstar Services Cartridge A0404139 NTBB24GA Norstar Services Cartridge $300.00
NTBB06GA-93 A0404245 NTBB06GA-93 Modular ICS Fiber 6-Port Expansion Cartridge $350.00
Norstar 6 Port Expansion  Fiber card A0404245 NTBB06GA Norstar Fiber 6-Port Expansion $350.00
NTBB04GC93 A0652072 NTBB04GC93 Compact ICS Combination Services Cartridge $400.00
NTBB04GC CICS Expansion card with Clock A0652072 NTBB04GC NTBB04GC CICS Expansion card with Clock $400.00
NTBB02GA-93 A0404244 NTBB02GA-93 Modular ICS Fiber 2-Port Expansion Cartridge $250.00
Norstar 2 Port Expansion  Fiber card A0404244 NTBB02GA Norstar Fiber 2-Port Expansion $250.00
NT7B75GE LS/DS Trunk Card NT7B75GE NT7B75GE Norstar LS/DS 4 Port Trunk Card $150.00
NT7B75GD DS Trunk Card NT7B75GD NT7B75GD Norstar LS/DS 4 port trunk card $150.00
NT7B75GB93 A0652671 NT7B75GB93 LS/DS Analog Trunk Cartridge $150.00
Norstar LS/DS Trunk Card A0652671 NT7B75GB Norstar LS/DS Trunk Card $150.00
Nortel Norstar LS/DS Trunk Card A0652672 NT7B75GA Nortel Norstar LS/DS Trunk Card $150.00
Caller ID Card NT7B75AAAJ NT7B75AAAJ Norstar GATC2 CLID Card $300.00
NT7B75AAAG CID Card NT7B75AAAG NT7B75AAAG Norstar Caller ID 4 Port Trunk Card $300.00
NT7B75AAAE A0501932 NT7B75AAAE Global Analog Trunk Cartridge CLID $300.00
NT7B75AAAC A0851663 NT7B75AAAC Global Analog Trunk Cartridge CLID $300.00
NT7B74GA-93 A0404135 NT7B74GA-93 Digital Trunk Interface Card $650.00
Norstar CID Trunk Caller ID A0652669 NT5B41GB Norstar NT5B41GB CID Trunk $300.00
Norstar LS/DS Trunk A0366477 NT5B40GA Norstar NT5B40GA LS/DS Trunk $95.00
NT5B39GA-93 A0365297 NT5B39GA-93 1A2 Disconnect Supervision Trunk Cartridge $195.00
Norstar 1A2 Trunk A0365297 NT5B39GA Norstar NT5B39GA 1A2 Trunk $195.00
NT5B38GA-93 A0359618 NT5B38GA-93 E&M DISA Trunk Cartridge $95.00
Norstar E&M Trunk A0359618 NT5B38GA Norstar NT5B38GA E&M Trunk Cartridge $95.00
NT5B37GA93 A0359617 NT5B37GA93 DID Trunk Cartridge $125.00
Norstar DID Cartridge A0359617 NT5B37GA Norstar NT5B37GA DID Trunk Cartridge $125.00
NT5B27GA A0338796 NT5B27GA-93 6-Port Copper Expansion Cartridge $150.00
NT5B26GA93 A0338794 NT5B26GA93 2-Port Copper Expansion Cartridge $125.00
Norstar 2 Port Exp. Copper A0338794 NT5B26GA Norstar NT5B26GA 2 Port Expansion $125.00

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